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Custom Chocolate Molds

Often, you can't find a stock chocolate mold that fits your needs or your want something personalized. In those cases, you will need to make a custom chocolate mold.  You can either make one yourself or have it made for you.  Custom chocolate molds cost at minimum $150 to thousands of dollars.  It is much cheaper to make them yourself when you can.

To learn how to make custom chocolate molds, see the instructions below.  Depending on your design, it can be easy or it can be a complex engineering task.  Most people don't realize the amount of technology that goes into mold design and manufacturing.

The basic process is to figure out what you want your final product to look like, make a model, choose a mold making method and material, and then use the prototype to make the custom chocolate mold. But be careful - do you own the rights to the object, artwork, logo, or design?  Copyright and other intellectual law is very broad and you do not want to infringe. 

Before you begin, you may want to read about the types of chocolate molds.

Instruction topics and links:


Outline of the steps to make a custom chocolate mold.


Design your custom chocolate mold.  This is a critical step. All of your time, money, and effort can be wasted if you do not properly plan the mold design.


Make a model to turn your custom chocolate.  You must begin with a model or prototype.


Steps to make the final custom chocolate mold.  Methods and materials to make a custom chocolate molds.  Whenever making a mold that will come in contact with food, your material must be FDA approved.